1. Definitions
    1. It is understood that “Systems Integrator” is defined as an organization or entity with engineering capability that designs, sells, installs, and services security solutions. Systems Integrators specialize in diversified areas of technology including video surveillance, building automation, fire systems, access control, and intrusion detection.
    2. It is understood that “Distributor” is defined as an Authorized Distributor of Digital Watchdog products. The Distributor is the entity that sells Digital Watchdog products to the Systems Integrator.
    3. It is understood that “PIP Program” is defined as the Partner Integrator Program. This program is for Systems Integrators. Digital Watchdog will track revenue from any two Authorized Distributors that the Systems Integrator can pick. The Systems Integrator will be able to enjoy benefits and features that will increase as they move up in the tier system.
    4. It is understood that “DW Sales Portal” is defined as the main website used to access the PIP Program for Systems Integrators. Sales Portal is also where Distributors can access their Digital Watchdog resources including but not limited to Project Registrations.
    5. It is understood that “Project Registration” is defined as a quote that Digital Watchdog generates for the Distributor or Systems Integrator.
    6. It is understood that “License Redemption” is a promotion that is available for Systems Integrators through the DW Sales Portal. Systems Integrator can redeem an Invoice including purchased Digital Watchdog cameras from an Authorized Distributor in return for Digital Watchdog Spectrum software licenses. Please note: this promotion is also referred to as “Double Down”. Furthermore, because CaaS cameras already include a built-in license, they are excluded from the "Double Down" promotion.
    7. It is understood that “Digital Watchdog Spectrum license” is defined as a software license that is sold and provided by Digital Watchdog.
  2. PIP Program
    1. Systems Integrator must purchase through an authorized Digital Watchdog Distributor.
    2. Digital Watchdog will periodically review actual price volumes to ensure price eligibility by reviewing monthly averages. The tier the Systems Integrator is placed in will determine the pricing levels and benefits.
    3. PIP Program Tier Conditions. Below revenue is based on an annual measurement.
      1. If Systems Integrator does not exceed $99,999, they will be placed in the Silver tier.
      2. If Systems Integrator exceeds $99,999, they will be placed in the Gold tier.
      3. If Systems Integrator exceeds $249,999, they will be placed in the Platinum tier.
      4. If Systems Integrator exceeds $499,999, they will be placed in the Diamond tier.
      5. These levels may be measured using a monthly/quarterly average and using that information to estimate the annual total.
    4. The information available in the Digital Watchdog Sales Portal is private and confidential property of Digital Watchdog. The material is privileged and intended solely for the Systems Integrator. Any distribution of the information is strictly prohibited.
    5. Pricing
      1. Pricing is subject to change without notice.
      2. The Distributor pricing advertised by Digital Watchdog is a ceiling price that the Distributor should not exceed. The Distributor may sell to the Systems Integrator for a lower price at their sole discretion.
  3. Project Registration
    1. Projects will receive special pricing for a total price of $5,000 MSRP and above.
    2. Price is valid only for the quantities being quoted. If the quantity is not met, standard pricing may apply.
    3. Digital Watchdog reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice.
    4. All DW Spectrum licenses are not eligible for project discount.
    5. Distributors must reference the Project Registration number on their PO to receive the quoted price.
  4. License Redemption
    1. This promotion is only available to Systems Integrators. The Systems Integrator must sign up as a Systems Integrator in the DW Sales Portal in order to redeem this promotion.
    2. Systems Integrator must purchase from an Authorized Distributor.
    3. Systems Integrator must provide an Invoice from the Authorized Distributor in order to redeem for Digital Watchdog Spectrum software licenses.
    4. The Invoice must be submitted within 90 days of the Invoice date.
    5. Systems Integrator may use the Invoice only one time and cannot use the same invoice for two separate submissions.
    6. Invoices from unauthorized resellers will not qualify for this promotion.
    7. When above terms and conditions are met, the following camera purchases may be used to redeem for free Digital Watchdog Spectrum licenses.
      1. Every two (2) fixed lens Megapix cameras purchased will result in a free single channel license (DW-SPECTRUMLSC001).
      2. Every Varifocal, PTZ, or PANO Megapix camera purchased will result in a free single channel license (DW-SPECTRUMLSC001).
      3. The list of cameras that qualify for this promotion can be found in the DW Sales Portal when submitting the License Redemption.
    8. Excludes Blackjack Client workstation.
    9. Digital Watchdog Spectrum licenses obtained through the License Redemption Promotion cannot be resold unless they are sold to the End User. Reselling these licenses to other Systems Integrators is prohibited.
  5. Digital Watchdog can change/terminate these terms and conditions at any time.
  6. By accepting this, you agree to these terms and conditions.